FAMA energy can be tested with the help of a simple meditation technique.

If the person has more Fa energy Maatron can be used to balance.

Similarly if person has more MA energy Faatron can be used.

Depending on what energy is higher most balance can be created.

Technique to find the energy- In some form of osho meditation called Dynamic meditation the following steps are followed.

Ist step:With the first track a rapid inhalation and exhalation is practiced for 15 minutes

2nd step:The madness is expressed with crying, laughing, shouting

3rd step:The step is jumping with a hoo and the hands raised to the sky. If you keep the eyes closed at the end of this step there will be a certain turn to your body either clockwise or anticlockwise. Some time the body is in balance in center.If the anticlockwise we have more Ma energy. If clockwise that will indicate more Fa energy

4th step:This meditation step will be standing quietly and receiving the energy

5th step:Dancing and celebration

Following products are used in this Fama technique

Osho dynamic meditation