Doors and Entrances made better in Pyra Vaastu science

While Vaastu is concrete in pointing doors to” a property in appropriate direction and location, PyraVaastu and Fengshui have flexibility. Vaastu entrance Fengshui expert can use colors to increase the energy and make the entrance vibrant. Look at the following article.

Further Fengshui expert use nature elements to make the entrance or doorway become a Fengshui doorway. Here is what a PyraVaastu expert does. Apply a simple Bagua Protect inside Finally you can also use some other tools like Protect Outside

for the door with storm door. Bemor on the side of the door, this comes with lotus symbol and affixed with various colored stones to increase chi flow through the door. Shubh Labh literally means “Auspicious” and “Fortune” apply on either side of the door. This is a centuries old symbol/ yantra used outside of the doors of houses across India. It is very popular today especially around Diwali (festival of lights) when the whole house is cleaned and decked to invite gods like Rama, Lakshmi and Ganesha inside the house. This is followed by guests who visit. And all of this brings energy abundant through the door.

So in case you are wondering why Pyra Vaastu is more popular that traditional Vaastu science in today’s world. Here are some of the simple reason.

It is flexible solutions

It has pyramid protection in every solution.

Does not require structural change.

Solution has add ons can be done in phases

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