Center for life is unique to individuals

In Vaastu and Fengshui we often energize the center of a property.This works for the whole property. But for an individual leading a active life there is one more center. This may be ignored if we do not pay specific attention. This center can be found out by making a circle around the three important priorities for that individual namely their:

center for activity

center for nourishment

center for rest

How to find this center

This comes easy with the help of the attached sketch, first find the place where you eat. That is the center of nourishment. Walk to the next place where you do most of you activity, reading, recreations,chores, that forms the center of activity and finally walk to the place where you sleep that forms the center for rest. Now make a triangle between the three center and find the center for this triangle approximately

What we can do about this center

Keeping it free, electronics free, and organized will be a goal. Finally keeping it positive with tools like crystals and pyramids will have rejuvenate this center for individual.

Two examples of such area in a building is unique forts and castles which have clear center or courtyard with walls and rooms all around this center.

Also temples and church have a center dome making the energy rise in the center. This become very beneficial for individual coming with offerings and growing of faith and the wish fulfillment in a temple and church.

Jeannette Zara Christine