Apartment,Rentals and Senior homes Pyramid application

Property management can be made very easy with some of the pyramids we can apply.

Not only does these pyramids make the residents live peacefully but the care of apartments and the effective management can be achieved through these simple tools.

More often you find that apartments get to be little pricey on money and time to manage. These pyramids bring your property in harmony.

For one room apartment and studios do following advance pyramid apply on ceiling on center of property.

the natron for the bathroom

the fortune key chain for the keys to the apartment

The above three can bring a better rental and stay experience for the property owners and residents.

For luxury apartments and condos

Bring in a “flat max to correct the whole luxury unit.

This brings in very harmonious residents and easy manageable property experience.

For Senior homes

Put a sun pyron on the wall of each unit. This brings a very good health for the resident.Also use a natron to curb the bathrooms negative chi.

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