second step of preksha meditation Alternative 1 for beginners:Take the mind to shakti kendra(last vertebrae of spinal cord). Raise the mind through the cord and bring to the knowledge center(Gyan kendra). Same way bring it back to the shakti kendra bottom of the spinal cord(energy center).From up and down down and up through the spinal cord intra travel keeps happening. Feel the vibration and life force in the spinal cord. let the entire conscious being come to spinal cord. after 1-2 minutes travel the mind with same rhythm as breathing. While breathing out the mind travels up through spinal cord and while breathing in mind travels down through the spinal cord to wards the energy center.(A good example is a Blood Pressure monitor equipment and how the liquid mercury travels up and down.Explain during training.)

Alternate 2:For established practitioners. Take mind to energy center,Bring up via spinal cord. Get it to anand kendra center of bliss or heart center.Bring mind down the same way.Through spinal cord mind travels up and down. All focus will be on the path of the travel.From the center of bliss go the Center of energy (Shakti kendra) and back to center of bliss.All attention should on the path, experience the life force and vibrations.The speed of mind should be associated with breathing. While inhaling mind travels from center of bliss to center of energy and exhaling bring mind from center of energy to center of bliss.

Alternate 3: Everything is as in alternate 2 . Mind goes to peace (Shanti) center. Then go to all kendras and come back to center of peace.