Pyramid Max has many more features like -interlocking layers, better fixing facility and self adhesive “copperon” yantras for saving our time and making it easy for it to assemble quickly.Installing max saves five times the space usually required by multier original. For placing 81 units of multier original,you require 9’x 9′ which comes to 81 sq feet area. But with the new Multier Max for the same results you require nine multier max which makes 4″x4″ of 16 sq feet.The results are the same but space has reduced due to new design.One another advantage of this multier max is that, unlike the six inch space to be left between the two original multiers, only three inch space is to be left between the two Multier Max. Just one Multier Max is to be used in place of nine original multiers yet the results obtained would be far much better than the previous one. 9 Multier Original Multier Max is equal to 9 multier original To order your max go to href Get your max pyramid today Top 5 benefits of Max hrefMax has large volume hrefMultilevel Multier Max with 4 level grid optimizes max results href=Nine copperon in max pyramid gives more layer href=Max pyramids is easy to use href=Power of 9X9 max pyramid uses total 81 pyramids in one pramid To get free evaluation of your property