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  • Pyra Vastu is the efficient management of pyramid energy to bring about a positive awareness to help achieve better emotional, mental and physical states of wellness.
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In our experience with Vaastu, users have reported impacts on their life by using various techniques of Vaastu.

Product Testimonials

All over the globe people have witnessed the abundant energy of Pyramid Yantra. An overwhelming amount of power and joy can be gained through Pyramid Science. Here is a collection some of the testimonials from real people that praise Pyramid Yantra products for changing their lives in a positive way. 

In our experience with Vaastu, users have reported impacts on their life by using various techniques of Vaastu.

Product Testimonials

All over the globe people have witnessed the abundant energy of Pyramid Yantra. An overwhelming amount of power and joy can be gained through Pyramid Science. Here is a collection some of the testimonials from real people that praise Pyramid Yantra products for changing their lives in a positive way. 

Claudia, Pyracard and PyraVasu - NewYork

Claudia, Pyracard and PyraVasu, New York New York USA

Dear Swami:  Following the disciplined example of my husband in the use of Pyracards, and perceiving more harmony at home due certainly to PyraVastu set up by you, I began energizing both my Pyracard and my dearest son's card every time we were going out for a walk or for a mere errand. Since then, I have noticed my limitations diminishing little by little.  For no apparent reason, I tended to create separation and mess, especially in my affective relationships, imposing my ideas and underestimating others' view points. Using Pyracards and putting my faith in them, I have become progressively more understanding toward my beloved ones and more aware of my possibilities to transform myself by altering the intention of my thoughts.  I am now thinking more positively and less anxiously with no overwhelming effort. Lately, it has become easier for me to do things I used to find really difficult like meditation. I attained a meditative state for first time in my life!!! Now, I am breathing to visualize and attract what I want for my life and I am embracing all the people I love. I trust God and myself.  That is why I say "No wonder special people like you, Swami, and accurate tools like PyraVAstu and Pyracards arrived in my life".

With love, Claudia

September, 6th 2009,
New york, New York

Cathy Casey is a teacher/healer - Minneapolis Minnesota

Cathy Casey, teacher/healer, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

"Just five minutes after planting my pyramids in the ground surrounding my patio, I felt immediate energy inside of my chest. It was a very wonderful healing experience. Also I sense that my patio and apartment feels very protected. I love my new experience and want to share this. These pyramids are very powerful."

Paul Olson on House Pyramids - Minneapolis Minnesota

Paul Olson, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

"Within 36 hours of getting my Pyracard, I noticed things changing for the better. I was approached on line at a dating website for the first time by someone from Hawaii who has come to see me."

With the placement of the Pyramid in my vehicle I noticed that there were more opportunities to get through crowded traffic situations, and my attention is right on target when the situation becomes hazardous. On a vacation the car overheated, but it happened where there was a gas station right there! I gave one to a friend for her car.  She was in an accident, but she was unhurt even though her front end was smashed in and the car totaled.

In my home, the pyramids have made a more balanced environment, and the entry pieces have helped me along with the Pyracard. Shortly after they came into my life, doctors took me off a medication that had been compounding a health issue and creating a hostile atmosphere from my employer. The situation has been getting more stable every week since the pyramids have been in place.

If you would like to visit this Pyramid-corrected home in South Minneapolis, arrangements can be made through Swami Anand Veetrag.

Kathy Arya - Minneapolis Minnesota

Kathy Arya, StoneHenge Store, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

I feel amazing!  I can feel the energy! After couple of weeks of installing the pyramids at Stone Henge, my store, I increased my business considerably and decided to get my house corrected. Now I own a second house and feel the new happiness and prosperity.  Kathy Arya, Stone Henge, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Dean F. Jankord - Burnsville Minnesota

Dr. Dean F. Jankord, Burnsville Minnesota USA

The very first week of installing the pyramids I got five new clients. The energy is great. It is wonderful.  I am excited and want to get my house and plot corrected and energized.  Dr. Dean F. Jankord, Eagle Trace Chiropractic

Ingrid G. Watson - South Pasadena California

Ingrid G. Watson, South Pasadena California USA

Swami has helped my house energy and property for almost a year. I live atop a large hillside in South Pasadena. I have a beautiful view of the mountains, and have many birds and wild animals. When I purchased the house it was leaning due to a beam that shifted in an earthquake. The house was on stilts, and the floors were off by 4 to 7 inches. Nobody would purchase the house. I saw a vision and today, with a large retaining wall and and rebuilt floors and interiors, I have a beautiful house and gardens. I am a psychologist who has believed in the power of positive energy all my life. Swami has brought Vastu Energy into my outer and interior surroundings with the help of Pyravastu techniques. Different types of pyramids are placed in different locations around the house. Pyramid Power is wonderful! Now I am so excited, I am referring all of my friends. Heaven is on earth, and the peace and joy I get from being here is priceless.

Ingrid G. Watson South Pasadena, CA.

Gabrielle Godling about Car Pyramid - Miami, Florida

Gabrielle Godling, Miami Florida USA

WOW.....  wow......  wow.....That seems all I can say at this
time with this new pyramid that I purchased for my car.

I am sharing this information with you, because I thought you might like to know about this to improve gas mileage.

My name is Gabrielle Godling, and I live in Miami, FL. I recently drove from Miami to Orlando, and started with a full tank of gas to drive the 254 miles.

Just before arriving in Orlando, I had to stop and put gas in, so that was another 10.00.  (Gas was very expensive on the turnpike.) My gas tank was on empty when I arrived in Orlando.

Here's is the exciting part.  I met a gentleman named Swami at the Expo in Orlando, and purchased one of his PRYAMIDS for my vehicle, placed it on my dashboard, and on my drive home, I also started with a full tank of gas.  Much to my amazement, I only used a HALF TANK of gas.  Same number of miles, speed thesame, weather conditions the same.

I know this Pyramid works, because I experienced it myself.
It becomes very exciting for me to share this with my friends,
and it is not network marketing, it is just a direct sale, and the price
I paid was $39.99.  Swami is the only person who has the right to sell
this in the United States.

If this interests you, please give me a call.
1-877-854-3560, and be sure to leave a message.
Or call me direct at 480-778-0459, or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oram Miller about Marriage Pyramid - Minneapolis Minnesota


Oram Miller About The Marriage Pyramid, Minneapolis Minnesota USA

As you have requested, I would like to extend my great gratitude to you for recommending the Marriage Pyramid to me for attracting my soul mate. I obtained this pyramid from you this past spring, and within a couple month's time did indeed get to know a lady who I now recognize is my soul mate. The interconnection between us is uncanny and amazing, even for us old souls who are experienced in spirituality and relationships. I had, in fact, even met her a few weeks before obtaining the pyramid, but when the conditions were right a few months later, our relationship began. I believe the pyramid came to me at the right time, and it, in turn, helped finally bring us together.  I highly recommend the Marriage Pyramid to anyone who sincerely wants to attract their soul mate.  It took a little time and patience, but the results have been strong and true for me.

O. Miller, Minneapolis
Environmental Design and Inspection Services
Creating Healthy New Homes and Providing Environmental
Home Inspections, based upon Bau-biologie.
Oram Miller, BBEI
Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector
PO Box 8063
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Phone 952-412-0781
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sheila Van Houten about Pyramid Yantra

Sheila Van Houten on Pyramid Yantra

I have bought several pyramids from PyraHealth in the last few months, and I am so delighted to recommend these items! They are so reasonably priced that anyone can begin a new adventure with them for under $15!

The pyramid eye glasses encourage profound and peaceful meditation, and my eyes say "thank you, thank you, thank you".  At 64, I still see 20/25 unassisted, but after a 15-minute session with these glasses, my vision is even sharper! After doing work on the computer, I reward myself with a session at least once a day. The meditation seat seems to provide me with out-of-the-blue creativity, and our CAT sleeps on that cushion almost all the time now! She took to it from the instant I placed it! I have to make an appointment with her to use it myself!

Last week, I placed the Max Pyramid in the exact center of our house, and my consulting business has now begun to revert itself to pre-911 levels! It started to happen within ONE HOUR of placement. I strongly recommend it for every business owner because every single one of us took a direct and heavy hit in the years following that unspeakable tragedy.

My Pyracard sits on my desk and is a powerful point of focus for me. The multiple benefits of this simple item is impressive, and I can feel them working. As one who nearly died in 2002, I am diligent about my health and energy, and the Pyracard is a wonderful enhancement to my efforts.

I have indoor and outdoor Bagwas on the front and side doors of our house, and that feels really good to me. (My dear husband just nods and smiles about all of this, by the way!) We even have the Ganesh pyramid panel in our bedroom to correct the fact that we have a northwest bedroom!

I now recommend the Marriage Pyramid to all my single love-coaching clients. We will see what the results will be, but I have a pretty good idea they will have experiences similar to Oram Miller's.

I am new to PyraHealth, but I am thrilled with the energetic results I have experienced already.
The PyraHealth classes are something I look forward to every month, and I am excited about being certified as a consultant this July. I also look forward to having the free consultation done on our home.

Update:  Now, four years after Vastu-ing our entire home and property, I am happy to report that our businesses are thriving and our clients are happy, especially those who bought the marriage pyramid, the car pyramid, the headache band, and the Super Max!  Some have Vastu'd multiple properties and businesses to great benefit:  Peace, prosperity, and well being!

Thank you, PyraHealth, for bringing these wonderful products to us, and thank you, Audrey L., for introducing me to them! Sincerely,

Reverend Sheila Van Houten

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Oddvar Larsen on Pyravastu Pyramids, Minneapolis Minnesota


Oddvar Larsen on Pyravastu Pyramids , Minneapolis Minnesota USA

After I installed all the pyramids in my house, it took one-and-a half to two weeks and things started to happen.

For four years, my business went lower and lower and my frustration level went get higher and higher.  I tried everything, even new ventures, with no results.  I started my own company over in Sweden 1971 and was pretty successful until I moved to USA in 2002.  It went OK for two to tree years, then everything turned around.

In August, 2009, I meet Swami In Duluth at a holistic exhibition, and he introduced me to Pyra Vastu. Two weeks after that, i installed the pyramids, and I could feel the energy in the house changing gradually.

Then I was introduced to a new business opportunity that hit me with full power, and I have not been so enthusiastic in many years.  It is going fast. It is the fastest-growing network business ever, almost 500,000 people in 9 months and it grows even faster in India and Thailand.  The company is in over 40 countries to date. It started in USA at the beginning of August, 2009 and just exploded.

Thanks to Swami and Pyra Vastu, things is going in the right direction now for me.

Oddvar Larsen

B. Patwa on Car Pyramid, Edina, Minnesota


B. Patwa on Car Pyramid , Edina Minnesota USA

After I installed car pyramids in my car, forgot all about it, except I have looked at it now and then thinking it must be positive.

For almost 10 years I have not measures benefits of pyramid.  I have read a lot about it. everything, even new books, past publication.  Driving around town I have thought about other drivers, about speed traps but never actually calculated the benefits  .

I have known Swami for long time,

In my recent trip to Chicago I kept a record of miles per gallon and was surprised to see my Kia, as per most model will give 20 miles per gallon, to my surprise clock 30 miles. To be certain, I again measured at the next pump and it was the same result.  Keep in mind we had full car with 6 passengers and lot of city and country driving in this trip . I was amazed. Also on the way back, we were on the verge of getting a speeding ticket but they left at warning. I guess it is something to do with pyramid Yantra, which works unique over mind and matter

Thank you Swami and Pyramid Science,

B. Patwa

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 111

Advanced Users

Advanced Users

Advanced Users

 Tools and training manuals to correct Feng Shui and Vastu of family and friend's homes.

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Vedic-Chi-Pyramid Science

Vedic-Chi-Pyramid Science

Vedic-Chi-Pyramid Science

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The Pyra-Vastu System

The Pyra-Vastu System

The Pyra-Vastu System

A results-oriented system designed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt that uses the vital force within and around us.

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Frequently asked questions that may help you in understanding and finding ways to adapt 'Pynergy' to your lifestyle.

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In our experience with Vaastu, users have reported impacts on their life by using various techniques of Vaastu.

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Purposeful Living

Purposeful Living

Purposeful Living

Using the Pyra-Vastu system to enhance the healthy living systems of Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Astrology, Vastu, Feng Shui and many others.

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What our clients say

“I have attained harmony with my family members and achieved a meditative state for first time in my life!!!”

Claudia // Mother, New York City

"Immediately after planting pyramids around my patio, I felt a strong healing energy. These pyramids are very powerful."

Cathy // Teacher/Healer, Minneapolis MN

“In my home, the pyramids have made a more balanced environment and improved my health significantly.”

Paul // Homeowner, Minneapolis MN

“A couple of weeks after installing the pyramids at my business, I increased my sales.”

Kathy // Store Owner, Minneapolis MN

“The very first week of installing the pyramids I got five new clients. The energy is great. It’s wonderful.”

Dr. Jankord // Chiropractor, Burnsville MN

“I am a psychologist who has believed in the power of positive energy all my life. Pyramid Power is wonderful!”

Ingrid // Psychologist, South Pasadena CA

I purchased a PYRAMID for my vehicle, and immediately improved my gas mileage.

Gabrielle // Retired, Miami FL

“The Marriage Pyramid helped me to attract my soul mate. The Pyramid brought us together.”

Oram // Happily Married, Minneapolis MN

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