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  • Pyra Vastu is the efficient management of pyramid energy to bring about a positive awareness to help achieve better emotional, mental and physical states of wellness.
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Ten tips for improving chi flow to the front door or entrance of your home:

ten tips for improving chi flow to the front door or entrance of your home:

• Clear doorway: Keep your front door or entrance clear from obstructions such as refuse sacks, trees and kids play things. Being the source of chi you don't want to block vital energy from entering the home.

• Clear hallway: Once inside, don't block the hallway with numerous slippers, coats, shoes, bicycles and bags. Although it's a good idea to take shoes off when entering a home to ensure cleanliness you'll also want to stow them away in a space specifically designed for them. Stowing shoes away also ensures that you keep the energy of the outside world separate from the interior world of your home.

• Front door: Ensure you use your front door. Sometimes it's tempting to use a garage or side door depending on where you park your car. This means that all that positive chi waiting to enter your home has nowhere to go - it's wasted chi and therefore represents wasted opportunities. So, get used to using your front door as the main entry point to your home

• Door Opening: Ensure that your front door opens easily and fully. Doors that jar or stick on an interior mat will minimize chi flow. Equally, fix all locks and hinges that stick. If you find it difficult to open your front door you may encounter difficulties on your life journey and miss out on vital opportunities

• Visibility: Ensure that your front door is clearly visible especially if it's to the side of the house. If visitors are not sure which front door to knock on you may prevent new opportunities from coming your way. You can clearly demarcate the space around the front door with shrubs, ornaments, lighting (preferably uplighters) and paint. Demarcation symbols will also enhance your sense of protection

• Lighting: Install bright lights on either side of the doorway to lift the energy of the entrance with positive, yang energy. You can also use lighting to lift chi inside the front door so that guests feel uplifted on entering your space

• Brass Knocker: Ensure you have a solid brass knocker so that you literally get a grip with where you are heading in life. klonopin Brass fixtures and fittings should always be kept polished to deflect negative chi from entering the home.

• Mail box: Ensure that your post or mail box is in good repair. Your post box represents your contact with the outside world. Any problems with your post box may again prevent opportunities from coming your way. The same goes for your doorbell which needs to be working at all times.

• Fresh Paint: Fading or peeling paint is an indication of depleted chi so if your front door looks a bit sad give it a fresh lick of paint. Above all, ensure that dirt, traffic grime and bird droppings don't build up on the outside.

• Curving Path: A curving path to your front door is preferable to a straight path as the chi has a chance to meander with the curves (symbolic of you going with the flow). Straight lines quicken the chi flow and can often overpower the entrance to your home

• Bagua Mirror: One way to overcome this is to place an exterior ba gua mirror (with tri gram markings on the outside) on your door to deflect chi. If this does not appeal, a shiny brass door knocker will serve the same purpose.

• Wind chime: You could also hang a wind chime by your front door to slow chi flow (a five cylinder chime is best). Again, placing shrubs and potted plants around your front door will halt fast flowing chi. However, bushes and shrubs should not be allow to overgrow on the sides of paths Guidelines for the best Feng Shui materials and colors for your front door:

• North facing door: (1 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: blue, black, white Material: wooden

• North East facing door: (8 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: orange, purple, yellow, terra cotta

• East facing door: (3 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: green, blue, turquoise Material: wooden

• South East facing door: (4 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: green, turquoise, blue Material: wooden

• South facing door: (9 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: red, pink, purple Material: wooden

• South West facing door: (2 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: pink, peach, apricot, orange, yellow

• West facing door: (7 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: yellow, white, gold, magenta, silver

• North West facing door: (7 area of ba gua)

Feng Shui door color: magenta, gold, silver, white, yellow

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What our clients say

“I have attained harmony with my family members and achieved a meditative state for first time in my life!!!”

Claudia // Mother, New York City

"Immediately after planting pyramids around my patio, I felt a strong healing energy. These pyramids are very powerful."

Cathy // Teacher/Healer, Minneapolis MN

“In my home, the pyramids have made a more balanced environment and improved my health significantly.”

Paul // Homeowner, Minneapolis MN

“A couple of weeks after installing the pyramids at my business, I increased my sales.”

Kathy // Store Owner, Minneapolis MN

“The very first week of installing the pyramids I got five new clients. The energy is great. It’s wonderful.”

Dr. Jankord // Chiropractor, Burnsville MN

“I am a psychologist who has believed in the power of positive energy all my life. Pyramid Power is wonderful!”

Ingrid // Psychologist, South Pasadena CA

I purchased a PYRAMID for my vehicle, and immediately improved my gas mileage.

Gabrielle // Retired, Miami FL

“The Marriage Pyramid helped me to attract my soul mate. The Pyramid brought us together.”

Oram // Happily Married, Minneapolis MN

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