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<p/.Multier can be applied on computer TV and other wireless devices to reduce the negatives of electro magnetic Field(EMF). It also helps in making the equipment function properly.Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu by Dr Dhara Bhatt, Page 80

Pyramid Water: Pyramid treated water acts as tonic and healing to insect bites rashes, Pyramid Water can be made by overnight charging Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu by Dr Dhara Bhatt, Page 77

Medicines when put under pyramid decrease their side effects.Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu by Dr Dhara Bhatt Page 76

As we are working on subtle level we should know and understand the subtle anatomy very well. The tattva diagram above defines the various sub-functions which are unfolded from the initial unity. It is though these functions that the flow of energy is channelized to experience the world. The pure tattvas divide into two - Shiva & Shakti which interact with the three energies of will, knowledge and action, which are the prime movers of cosmic evolution.

The next comes the psychical tattva which is also called "Maya Shakti. It is divided into five limitations-Kalaa, Vidya, Raga, Kaal and Niyati. These five veil and obscure our perception of reality.

Then next are the physical tattvas which are divided into Purush and Prakriti (Fa & Maa), Male and Female. The Prakriti is divided into Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, which are further divided into 3 modes of mind, 5 sense organs, 5 action agents; 5 subtle and 5 gross elements.

We do not go into details of all the tattvas because we are here dealing with only physical field of action. In the physical field there are three basic levels to start first - subdivisions of physical tattvas i.e. Fa & Maa, Mind and the 5 elements to explore new uses further. FA MAA father energy mother energy

Now we know the subtle anatomy and understand that we are all working between the two powerful forms of divine - Shiva and Shakti. Here in PyraVastu, we deal with Man - his sur- roundings, how he is affected by them, what he can do and what he can achieve. Our journey of life begins from the divine union of a micro Fa (Sperm) and amicro Maa (ovum).

Hence it is due to Fa & Maa that we have our present miraculous body. Everything in this universe including us is harmoniously divided into two divisions, Fa & Maa.

On the level of divine we are divided into-Pure Consciousness and Bliss, on level of mind and emotions-Will and Love and on level of body-Nervous system and Circulatory system. Balance between Fa & Maa brings natural happiness, health and prosperity. We will see how to take into practical use this enormous power within us on next page.


Consciousness Bliss ^ ^

Powerful Intention Pure love ^ ^

Mind Emotion ^ ^

Brain Heart Spinal cord Blood vessels ^ ^

Nerves Capillaries ^ ^

Nervous systems Blood circulatory system


All work is done between two opposite ends or polarities - e.g. positive and negative in electricity and Fa Maa in living beings. So like everywhere in the universe we also have two in built power generators within us-Fa and Maa. Before installing any instrumment for some purpose it should be oriented. By doing orintation millions of micro particles in the space of the instrument start harmoniously communicating with each other and also with centers of other spaces as per program. Let's start Programming:

1. Sit in a quiet, calm & comfortable place.

2. Rub your hands lightly for 1 - 2 minutes.

 3. Place the instrument on Maa (left) hand, then place the Fa (right) hand on top of it.

 4. Close your eyes.

 5. Create Maa awareness for 30 seconds by evoking pure love within yourself from heart.

 6. Then create Fa awareness for 30 seconds by repeating your purpose with intense will from brain.

 7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 alternately for 3-5 minutes.

 8. You can now place the FaMaa oriented instrument whenever needed to fulfill your purpose. Basically, FaMaa is the subtle method of powerful charging for your Pyramid Yantra. So, FaMaa can be created by remembering your Father & Mother or God and Goddess you believe in. You can also orient by using healing techniques like Reiki, Pranic healing, meditation or by any other spiritual method.


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