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Anupreksha:Tools to train human mind

When mind is given directions over and over again. With full concentration and focus a suggestion is repeated mind accepts that command.

This can be used to change old habits. This can also be used to form new habits. While giving suggestion use follow it like a Mantra and focus your mind to the Limbic system of the brain.

Various forms of Anupreksha are

Anupreksha for truth

Anupreksha for human unity

Anupreksha for Science of separate body and Soul (Bhed Vigyan)

Anupreksha for gentleness (Mriduta)

Anupreksha for mental balance (Mansic Santulan)

Anupreksha for self discipline (Atmaanushasan)

Anupreksha for Authenticity (Pramanikta)

Anupeksha for compassion(Karuna)

Anupreksha for Strength(Shakti)

Anupreksha for Fearlessness(Abhay)

Anupreksha for (humility) Rijuta

Anupreksha for Resilience (Sahisnuta)

Anupreksha for amity (Maitri)

Anitya Anupreksha( Doctrine of impermanence)

This is to be started first with arham sound followed by Dheyay Sutra. Sit in Kayotsarga position.

This leads from macro to micro then from micro to macro. See all the connection.



The place where I am is just a coincidence and it will pass. Then contemplate about place and situation and how they are different from you.



Where I am sitting is just a coincidence, What has a beginning has a definite end, the event that you are in this room, experience it and feel it:you are separate from room



The seat you are in the posture is just a coincidence, what has a beginning has a definite end. We are in this posture feel the same, how you are separate from the posture.



What we are wearing is an event. What has the beginning has a definite end. What has a beginning has a definite end, experience it and feel how you are separate from clothes



This body is just a coincidence, An incident has an beginning has a definite end. Keep this thought and bring to experience level. Experience how you are separate from body.



Body has disease. It is just an event. An event has a beginning has a definite end. This about the connection to the event and bring to the experience level. Feel that diseases are separate from you.

Mental problems, tensions


These are just a coincidence, An incident has an beginning has a definite end. Keep this thought and bring to experience level. Experience how you are separate from mental problems and tensions.


These afflictions, emotions, anger, ego is just a coincidence, An incident has an beginning has a definite end. Keep this thought and bring to experience level. Experience how you are separate from afflictions, emotions, anger, ego.

The habits, behavior, addictions is just a coincidence, An incident has an beginning has a definite end. Keep this thought and bring to experience level. What attaches can be detached also. Experience how you are separate from habits, behavior, addictions.No habit is perpetual, it can be changed.

The micro body( karmic body) from where the afflictions(upadhi) come is just a coincidence. What takes into effect also stops. Contemplate your coincidence with micro body. While experiencing come to the micro body (karmic body) level and feel your separation from the karmic body.

my consciousness is separate from, place, posture, clothes, body, disease, mental tensions,afflictions (upadhi),habits, micro body. Coincidence has brought it together.What is attached will always get detached. Experience the coincidence and then feel the consciousness being separate.

the order how you started follow the same to come back, micro body, habits, afflictions,mental tensions,disease, body, clothes, posture,place, experience all one at a time and come back to present.

Imem shariram anicca,Imem shariram anicca,Imem shariram anicca

This body is impermanent, old cells are dying, new cells are forming,

Imem rog anicca

All the connections are a coincidence, Contemplate, make conscious effort to see separate you and the coincidence around you...............

Adapted and translated from Jyan Kiran by Sadhvi Shri Rajimati ji, a living legend in Terapanth order of Jainism.

Also Happy and Harmonious family by Late Acharya Shri Mahapragya.

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