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Cervical belt gets the pressure point

Cervical belt gets the pressure points relieved and with pyramids on the pressure point it heals with pyramid power.Our cervical area is the head of the spinal cord and seat of the entire brain with millions of nerve endings, this belt helps in opening the nerve pathways. Use for few minutes or for an hour. For a limited availability also get pressure point book at no additional cost. Offer for pressure point books valid while supplies last. Online cervical belt+pressure point book about pressure point book

All about series 2012

All about series 2012

1.All about Fame (included are Fame and Power pyracard and pyron for fame) Pyron Red Fame Pyron RED-FAME Energy Harmoniser. ? Li (9). Represents illumination of self, reputation, visibility (fame) in the world. It is associated with summer. It produces a source of strength and encouragement. Pyracard (Fame and Power) To gain success in society and be well known in the community. This is the ultimate tool. $ 36.00

2.All about career( included are a pyracard and a pyron) Pyron Blue: To gain advancement in career Pyracard business and career Pyracard (Business & Career) Pyramid fortune cards New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. $36.00

3.All about education Pyron Brown BROWN-EDUCATION: ? Ken. Represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quiet - and its symbol is mountain; associated with winter. It gives access to a deeper knowledge and education, helps you to be more intuitive.

Education Pyramid Education Pyramid (For academic success) Education Pyramid is useful for Education of Children for enhancing knowledge and wisdom. This education tower with triple pyramid effect and special copper education yantra invented by Dr. Jiten Bhatt also gives access to the deeper knowledge and education. $46.00

4.All about love & Romance

Pyron Pink love Pyron-PINK-LOVE Energy Harmoniser Represents union and relationships, it is associated with yielding, summer and the maternal female. It produces peace and harmony and it is likened to a successful relationship between man and woman.

Pyron Venus Represents romance, beauty, passion and luxury. It is associated with art, music, sexual pleasure, emotion and love. Venus also governs the eye, throat, chin, kidney and the reproductive organ. Ruling psychic number is 6 and for those born on day 6, 15, 24. Fortune card Marriage and Love Seeking a soulmate or love of your life or renewing the existing relationship. This can be a great tool. Discover quick and easy way to control and use the world's oldest success tool. With the power of pyramid you can explore many ways to prosperity. $58.00

5.All about wealth(included are Pyron live green and pyron ketu) This is a unique combo for wealth fixing with Fengshui and vastu pyrons. Pyron live green LIVE GREEN-WEALTH: Represents wealth, blessing, growth and assimilation; it is associated with wind and spring. Its a source of prosperity and material well being. $ 43.00 Pyron Ketu Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity. Associated with true knowledge, fantasy, intuition and imagination. Ketu rules the psychic number 7, those born on day 7, 16 or 25 of any month. Ketu is the descending lunar node.

6.All about Fa Ma: This comes with Fa ma pendulum, a fatron and a Matron. Balance the energy of five elements with this kit. $52.00 Pyra-pendulum This is a completely unique kind of pendulum designed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. It has a pendulum integrated with five energy pyramids to help us find the hidden or unseen micro energy disturbances in or out of any premise that we are correcting through PyraVastu. This versatile information finding tool can be used in many sectors of life. Pendulum guides us to many subtle defects, which we might overlook when checking physical defects. Fatron Faatron A unique tool for success and progress to 'INCREASE ENERGY'. Helps you to get new and creative ideas. Improves activity of all rooms especially in the kitchen, living room and a must near the computer and in the children's room. Ideal for marketing executives to achieve their targets on time. Maatron Specially designed to'REDUCE' stress and tension and to give a peaceful and relaxed environment. Ideal for bedrooms, meditation rooms, and pooja-rooms. Reduces the harmful radiations coming from electronic gadgets like television, referigerator, ovens, microwaves, air-conditioners etc. Can be used near electric meters and junction boards to remove their negative effects.

7.All about unique bathrooms: $36.00 Pyra band This Flexible Pyraband is very useful for protecting against any negative effects coming from attached toilits in bedrooms, clash of fire and water elements in kitchen, a cut corner in house, or for a toilet or kitchen. Natron Natron (Natron is a revolutionary solution to the biggest Vastu) Natron is a revolutionary solution to the biggest Vastu & Feng Shui defect created by the attached bathroom and toilets in modern homes & offices. This yantra can be fixed in bathrooms. This kit comes with starter sea salt.

8.All about great staircase: Energy through staircases can move very rapidly. To make it a good fengshui staircase use this kit. $32.00 Virtual energy partition Innovative, effective and most practical tool for vastu and feng shui corrections created by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. This new Pyramid Yantra Pyra Strip gives you easy solutions to parting of rooms, basement and staircase. It can cut unwanted energy parts and low-high energy disturbance. Use one each on middle top and bottom riser. In case of carpet use these on the side wall of the staircase. Staircase 9X9: Staircase 9x9 (set of 3 for staircase defects) Staircase can be use to correct the staircase directions as per vastu. this yantra is specially designed with small pyramids which will not disturb or affect while you go up and down. If the staircase direction is not clockwise than do not worry, fix 3 Staircase 9x9 on first middle and last risers of staircase. In the same way the risers must be in odd numbers, if it is not than you need to correct it in the same way.In case of carpeted stairs use these on the side wall of the staircase.

9.All about health:: This comes with two crucial health pyrons and a energy vitality fortune card. $64.00 Pyron Pyramid Yellow:Represents balance, harmony and health. Its symbol is the Yin-Yang; and is associated with energy and vitality. Its element is earth and it is the center. For the first time -pre programmed for the purpose and ready to use Effective tool for fulfilling your goals and desire. Pyracard(Energy and vitality):Pyra Card is available for various purposes, this energy and vitality pyracard unique feature of pre-programmed 9 copper pyramids and a gold base disc at the bottom. Plus explore the power of Fa Maa yantra inbuilt on the top for optimum results. So just choose a card and enter the world of more fortune, happiness and health today! Pyron Sun-Vitality:Represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation. It gives an assertive, individualistic, exuberant and proud nature. It is also characterized as stable and selfless, one that is strong, firm, royal and respectable. Psychic number 1, this is the number of those born on day 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month.

10.All about family: This comes with Pyron Gray Fortune card Family and children Pyron Green $58.00 Pyron Grey: GREY-CHILDREN: Represents creativity, joy, children and its symbol is a lake; it is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity. For the first time - preprogrammed for the purpose and ready to use. Fortune card Family and Children: Brings prosperity, fame & reputation. Opens new avenues for life. Pyracard (Family and Children) New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony give miraculous results. Get the unique feature of pre-programmed 9 pyramids and a gold base disc of the bottom. Pyron Green:Pyron GREEN-FAMILY RELATIONSHIP. ☳ Chen. Represents elder, ancestors, family, health and well being; its associated with early spring and new beginning. Imparts wisdom, elderly experienceand vitality. For the first time - preprogrammed for the purpose and ready to use.

11.All about business: Pyron mercury, Pyracard for business and career, Business Disc, mini Swastik for cash drawer $ 120.00 Pyron Mercury Business:Represents merchant-like nature, makes it take risks and gamble. Associated with physical comfort, money, business, success and materialistic gain. Nature includes intuitive, quick decision, impulsive and hard working. Psychic number is 5, for those born on day 5, 14, 23 of any month. Business Disc: BUSINESS DISC Recommended for store, offices and factories. Now you can use this pyramid in your home office or office building. New pyramid yantra for prosperity, success, growth and fortune! Get ready to discover the mystic power of Pyramids for your business. Fortune card Business and career: Pyramid fortune cards New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony give miraculous results. mini Swastik- optional at no charge, this kits comes with a mini swastik for cash drawers at no additional cost.

12.All about study: This kit comes with 1 each of study cap,study head band, study pad, study eye band, study seat $80.00 This will work great for those who plan to concentrate for academics and also for those who are A+. Study Cap Study head band study Pad Study Eye band Study Seat

13.All about Vaastu door:This kit comes with Pyra Shubh labh, Protect Inside, Protect Outside,Astha Ganesh plate $70.00 Vaastu door can be a good fix when making the main entrance vaastu perfect. Pyra Shubh labh Protect Inside Protect outside astha Ganesh plate

14.All about happiness: This kit comes with fortune card, positivity and happiness, Pyron Saturn(Shani) $38.00 This will bring happiness to anyone Pyracard Positivity and happiness Pyron Saturn

15.All about luck: Pyracard luck and fortune Luck 9X9 $ 58.00

16.All about Fortune:This kit comes with Fortune chip, Fortune plate, Fortune key chain, Fortune seat $72.00 Bring the fortune in everyday life with this kits comes with one each of Fortune chip Fortune plate Fortune key chain Fortune seat

17.All about Reiki: This kit comes with Reiki pyramid, reiki seat, Reiki master and reiki cards. $433.00 Bring the power of a reiki expert and heal your clients just with All about reiki. Reiki Pyramid Reiki Seat Reiki master Reiki card set With power of crystals and pyramids also use the intention to bring relief through reiki

18.All about protection This kit comes with Protection and safeguard pyracard, mystic Eye 9X9, Pyron 9 G $58.00 This has the protection of two most powerful pyrons and your personal protection and safeguard pyramid Protection and safeguard Pyron 9G Mystic Eye

19.All about Ganesh(Shri Ganesh) This kit comes with Astha Ganesh, Ganesh energy plate. $42.00 Ganesh is the remover of obstacles bring this to your home to clear any blocks. Astha Ganesh Energy plate with Shri Ganesh in center

20.All about bike: To protect the little and adult bikers bring this bike kit, It comes with Bike pyramid and pyramid key chain for lock and security. $14.00

21.All about pyramid beginning: This kit comes with Multier original Pyramid for Vaastu and Fengshui Book with a DVD $29.99

Gift giving made easy this valentine

Valentine day 2012!

Valentine gifts

With gifts for everyone this valentine, Try out our new products just for you and your loved one. Thinking marriage. Here is the marriage pyramid to set sail towards a healthy sacred relationship when you tie the knot.

Marriage Pyramid $ 46.00

Secure the bond of love this year with this unique fortune card. Order for one or order a pair and see your love and bonding grow for years to come. Marriage and love Pyracard $20.00

Birthday gifts

The unique Pyrons are made for your specialized birthdate. Hang the pyron in your room or display on your work table. They work like unique cosmic good fortune bringing you good luck and prosperity.

Sun Pyron: This Pyron is for those with birthday on 1,10,19,28. If you or your loved one has birthday on above dates order the sun pyron today. Sun Pyron 25.00

Moon Pyron: This Pyron is for those with birthday on 2, 11, 20, 29. Moon Pyron $25.oo

Mars Pyron: This pyron is uniquely designed for birthdays on 9,19,27 Mars Pyron 25.00

Mercury Pyron:This Pyron is for those with birthday on 5,14,23 Mercury Pyron 25.00

Jupiter Pyron: This pyron is for those with birthday on 3,12,21,30 Jupiter pyron 25.00

Venus Pyron: This pyron is for those with birthdays on 6,15,24 Venus Pyron 25.00

Saturn Pyron:This pyron if for for those with birthdays on 8,17,26Saturn Pyron 25.00

Rahu Pyron:This pyron is for those with birthdays on 4,13,22,31Rahu Pyron 25.00

Ketu pyron:This pyron is for those with birthdate on 7,16,25 Ketu pyron 25.00

Pyrahealth Pyramid health Products Catalog

Listed below are the top selling health products for this spring!


Dia-belt-Unique help for pancreas Useful in pancreas(Diabetes), stomach(ulcers,cancer) and liver disorders. Contains 36-pyramids, 7-magnets, 36-acutips, 7-copper disc. SAFE NATURAL EFFECTIVE New Multi-energy DiaBelt is designed with Pyramid energy. Dia-belt 26.99

Head beltHead Belt (pyramid and magnet) (For Curing Headache) Effective way to combat stubborn headaches. Just wear your Head belt on forehead for 10 minutes and feel the difference. Useful in Headache, Migraines

Head belt 13.99

Knee belt Advance knee care Relives chronic joint pain cause by damage tendons, ligaments, cartilage loss, arthritis, inflammation and swelling. Promotes healing naturally by circulation and oxygenation nourishment

Knee belt 23.99

alt Back & Belly Belt Back & Belly Belt (For Multi Energy Treatment) Support and vitality promoter belt If you play golf, tennis, or any other sport, or if you sit at a desk for 8 to 10 hours a day, drive a car, what ever you do, for a persistent lower back pain, this firm yet comfortable support can be worn beneath the clothes.

Back & Belly belt 31.99

9X Alfa9x ALFA (For multi energy eye care) Eye Brain Stress Harmonizer New Age relaxation tool, 9X Alfa with inbuilt two pyramids to produce marvelous results. Useful in eye relaxation, old age sight problem, near-far sightedness and for sound sleep. 9X Alfa 11.99

Relax 9X9Relax Pyramid belt (for eye-brain stress relaxation) This unique eye-brain relaxing yantra is valuable in deeprelaxation, relieving tension and improving blood circulation. Also useful in meditation and for sound sleep.

Relax Pyramid Belt 14.00

Health 9X9-Health 9x9 (set of 7 color pyramid) (For Color Healing by pyramids) Here is an absolutely unique method- FaMaa color therapy. This new system of pyra colors is developed from integral effect of color. Pyramid Yantra, visualization and deep rhythmic breathing for health and wellness

HEALTH 9X9 set of 7 colors $63.00

alt Medicine 9X9 Pyramid Medicine 9X9 box can be used to keep and charge medicines for postive results. Makes medicine most effective and long lasting results. can store vials, bottles,tablets, capsules inside this pyramid to bring the healthful results through pyramid energy.

Medicine 9X9 20.00

Pyra Card Fortune Pyramid Card (Energy & Vitality)New pocket size pyramid yantra for good fortune and health. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony gives miraculous results. Also find your missing digit to personalize this cardmissing calculator

Pyra Card(Energy and Vitality) Pyramid Fortune card 20.00

Reiki disc From our reiki catalog Reiki Disc To enhance the energy of your healing room . Use in clinics, home or hospitals Advance your Reiki practice with this unique tool. Use to display on a wall or place it on or under the work table or massage table.

Reiki disc 79.99

Reiki card set another of the most powerful pyramid with reiki technique for personal use and healing.Discover the revolutionary concept of SmartReiki Card that empowers you to achieve both spiritual and physical wellbeing. A unique product based on principles of Pyramid Power, Feng Shui (Chinese science of energies to heal the environment), Reiki and Mind Power, that allows you to use your own birth-date to personalize the Reiki Card

Reiki card set 39.99

Reiki seatReiki Seat Sit on the powerful yantra while teaching or giving reiki to get faster results.

Reiki seat 69.99

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Twist & SlimTwist off weight! Slim X the most advance way to twist excess fat from belly, thighs, and hips. Slim X with Pyramid power useful for weight reduction, figure tone up, flatten tummy and thighs

Twist & Slim 49.99

Pyron Sun - VitalityRepresents purifying energy, vitality and motivation. It gives an assertive, individialistic, exuberant and proud nature. It is also characterized as stable and selfless, one that is strong, firm, royal

Pyron Sun- Vitality 25.00

more on Pyron

Pyron Yellow-healthRepresents balance, harmony and health. Its symbol is the Yin-Yang; and is associated with energy and vitality. Its element is earth and it is the center.Get fast results for health and ailments and overall healing. Install in your bedroom wall or keep on work table.

Pyron pyramid yellow 25.00

more on Pyron

Stress pad Stress Pad (Relax while you work) It is extremely easy to use, No extra training needed, just relax while you work. A time tested foot Relaxer. Must for office Executives, computer professionals, and students. You while watching TV. Really a therapy for older ages. Stress pad with the power of 6500 Pyramids and 12 Super Magnets. Included is 2 support stands for better results

Stress pad (Relax while you work)29.99 ,

For a limited time get free Relax 9X9 when you purchase stress pad. While supplies last....

Reiki advanceReiki Pyramid - Advance Wonderful tool to accelerate results. Inbuilt Antahkarana and crystal grid! REIKI PYRAMID Tap the core power of the Universal Life Energy! REIKI PYRAMID-ADVANCE The 2nd generation tool to accelerate results! ReikiPyramid-Advance gives you the combined power of the Reiki Pyramid, Antahkarana and crystals that multiply the strength of the energy twenty times. This tool is used to channel energy at a distance.

Reiki advance 140.00

alt Reiki This unique Reiki pyramid once programmed by the Reiki master works automatically, day and night; without personal attention and presence of the master. This instrument enables us to spend less but qualitative time on each individual and also help us to remain in link with him or her even from distance.

Reiki Pyramid 44.00

Vastu sleep It is said that good sleep can cure most health problems. This unique pyramid can realize that!Vastu Sleep Vastu sleep Pyramid (set of 9 plates) For good sleep Pyra-Vastu Sleep Yantra While you are at sleep your conscious mind is at rest. But let your sub conscious mind help you to manifest peak activity.

Vastu sleep(set of 9 plates) 200.00

alt For more information on this catalog go to or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gifts for children this christmas!

Pyramid Gifts for Children sure to bring delight this holiday and every occasion. Select from 18

Pyramid Fortune cards

listed. Kids attract to Pyramid Fortune cards due to birthdate customization and pyramid fixture. They will program the card and put the stickers. Instructions are easy. Go online to calculate unique number.This card will bring strength and confidence in them.

Education pyramid:brings grounding and stability in them

Pyron:18 pyrons to select from. Based on childs birthdate select a pyron to bring good fortune of pyramids in their life.Based on 9 planets*

Study seat

: Helps in concentration and study

Alfa glasses: help in relaxing eyes after a long day, pyramid shape opaque fits all size.

Fortune key chain: put the keys of locker or rooms safely in the key chain.

Bike pyramid:stick on bike or any two wheeler

Car pyramid: did the young adult just started driving select the protection of car pyramid, protect the car and protect the loved one, Your good wished go many miles. This pyramid will keep them in control while in car, and never leave them stranded!

Mobile Pyramid: protect from the harmful radiation with the pyramid chip for mobile phone. Can hang or stick to the phone.

Fortune chip: Pyramid chip goes on the laptop or ipad, protects and guards your child,s important work.

Also look at Pyrons * These 9 planets are Sun,Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, rahu(ascending lunar node), ketu(descending lunar node)

Stocking stuffer are here!

Stocking stuffer are here! This Christmas and other family event bring more joy with following stocking stuffer ideas.

Create your own holiday gift bag! Fill our festive and reusable holiday felt bag with 4 pyracards of your choice. Choose from 18 available pyracards shown on this Page $62.00

by default we will add original 4. Luck&Fortune, Energy&Vitality,Money& finance and business&career

altmobile pyramid 9.99Can go on the iphone,cellular phone, cordless phone, to bring protection and good luck

Pyrahat is a great memory enhancer, for meditation and for relaxation 9.99


Fortune key chain for Lockers, car and important keys. A novel concept to energize and protect important keys. Help improve inflow of cash and valuables when used for cash box and bank lockers9.99

altbike pyramid for protecting kids bike or a motorcycle Fix on any front part of your two-wheeler, motor bike, cycle for protection from evil eye! Bring in luck and protection. Great for cyclist and long distance bikers, Tri athalon 9.99

9X alfa eye care 11.99

Accu pressure power point book for pressure points and ailments 13.99

Fortune chip A versatile tool to give starting boost to any project. just fix the chip in the center of your important files or new project plans, business plans or marketing plans for a positive outcome10.00

Pyra shubh labh is energy and luck enhancer put on the door, is an eternal symbol 10.00

Pyracap Pyra Cap Mind power pyramid. This special Pyra Cap is very useful during study & meditation. It is most beneficial for improvement of memory, gaining confidence and lessening of stress 4.99

Pyramids for Vaastu book with DVD english subtitles 9.95

Gift box ideas

Make it extra special by bringing these unique products home. Now through fEBRUARY 20th all gift box orders will ship with exclusive Pyramid for vaastu book with Dvd.

Gift Box Your work is done all gift box are finished with a clear wrap and Satin Ribbon alt

Make my wish Gift box

Make my wish gift box comes with a luck and Fortune Pyracard,a wish pyramid, a fortune chip and Pyra subhlabh

7059 $50.00

altMost Powerful Protection Gift box

This premium gift box comes with powerful 9G pyramid, Car pyramid, Luck and Fortune Pyracard and Bike Pyramid

7057 $95.00

altUltimate home

Bring them home for holidays with this premium box. It is filled with New Advance Pyramid, Protect 9X 9 inside, a compass and a Natron pyramid.

7058 $ 75.00

Now through December 20th all gift box orders will ship with exclusive Pyramid for vaastu book with Dvd.

Gift Box Your work is done all gift box are finished with a clear wrap and Satin Ribbon alt

New Beginning

Filled with one each mobile, Fortune chip, protect 9X9 inside.

7061 $35.00


Pyramid Selection Gift box

Have it all with one each natron, wish pyramid, advance pyramid and car pyramid

7060 $120.00

Deluxe sampler Gift box

Filled with wish pyramid, car pyramid, luck and fortune pyracard

7064 $85.00

Pyramids for life change!

Friends and Financial independence

Pyrahealth home parties guests experience secrets of pyramids, unique birth chart with magic square, and get vastu, fengshui tips.

Become a consultant........Host a Party........Make a difference!

  If you know people who are social and love interior designing of the house….. Starting you own business would not be hard.

Start your own home sales party business for just $99.00 Limited time offer

View details at
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